Today’s Prayer

Today in yoga, I did something different. Rather than just set my intention and focus on my breath the rest of the time, I kept a prayer in my heart and moved with it through the practice. Usually when I do that, I keep the serenity prayer in my heart, or perhaps the prayer for generosity, but today, I said my own prayer and held it close.

And so today I prayed. And it went a little something like this:

Dear Lord,
Teach me to lift the blinders from my eyes so that I can see,
How wonderfully beautiful the bigger picture can be.
Not getting caught up in the little bits unveiled
But patient enough to wait for what else is to be revealed
To let go of what I have gotten to know
And be content in the wisdom that there’s more You will show.
To find the courage to not just dream, but to love again as well
And believe in the story that You will tell.

On the way home I felt the answer come.

And it goes

In time I will tell.

In time you will know.

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