Thank You for the Music :)

If there is one thing I have come to appreciate more over the past year and a half, it’s music. Although I come from a musically inclined family, I never really appreciated it. It was just something that never really mattered much to me. In fact, whenever bands would come and rehearse at the small music studio my stepdad had in our house (it was one of those little home based music studios for rehearsals that had those bass and electric guitars, amplifiers, and even two yamaha keyboards but was not really equipped for recording), I would consider it noise.

However, as I said, this past year and a half, I learned to appreciate it more. For one, I had a friend who loved music a lot and I guess being around that showed me that it wasn’t really noise. Secondly, I gave up my television and so sometimes, music is the only thing I have to break silence.

Tonight, however, I learned to say thank you for the music a little bit more because in the expressive arts in therapy class I’m taking, we will be exploring the therapeutic value of music, not really songs per se but music in general. Although I do not really know what it is about music I would like to explore, or what instrument for that matter, perhaps it is the keyboard I will explore. For one I have access to it at home, and two, it seems to be quite a doable instrument for me. Lastly, I have someone who can actually teach me how to play.

Excited much. Let’s see how this goes :)


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