Take Me Back To Coron

Yesterday after yoga class I got the best news in a super duper long time….I’m going back to Coron! Yey!!! The dates aren’t set yet and though it is a working trip, I am still looking forward to it so very much. It is exactly the break my heart and soul needs in order to figure things out. Perhaps, I can find my way back to stillness and quiet during my trip.

This will be my third trip to the island. The first time I went, I was enthralled by the amazing beauty of nature. I was able to take lots of great underwater photos with one of those water-proof, shock-proof olympus cameras. On my second trip, I took Nikki, my Nikon DSLR and got this amazing photo that won an online photo contest. This trip I don’t know if I’ll be taking photos again, but one things for sure: I’m gonna do some yoga! I hope someone can take photos of me in my different asanas! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

Take me to Coron now na!!!!


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