If Only Love Were Enough….

Sometimes I can’t help but think that if only love were enough, I’d be better off. I’d be in a place where I’m completely happy and content. But no…in my line of work, teaching that is, love simply isn’t enough :(

I don’t know many things with certainty, but one thing I am completely sure of is the fact that I love teaching. Whatever kind of teaching….preschool, college, even in non-professional settings, it really is LOVE. However, as with any kind of love I have gotten to know, I realize that while this relationship brings me the greatest joy, it also has the potential to bring me the greatest sorrow. And right now I am face to face with sorrow.

It brings me so much sorrow to be stuck where I am.  I am stuck because I cannot move forward in this career of mine because of a piece of paper that attaches two very elusive letters behind my name. All because of a thesis. I can have all the trophies and awards possible, but without that degree, I am stuck.


It frustrates me to bits because I know that getting that degree won’t make me a better teacher, or at least I’d like to think. I do know credentials are important in my profession, but I think I have earned my stripes. I know I teach well. I know I inspire students. I know I am successful in that regard…and no, my measure of success has never been that degree, but really love….the love I put into my job, the love I get back from my job, and the love I dedicate to each and every class I have.

Now if only that love were enough, I’d think I’d be the most successful teacher possible. But sadly, it’s not. Can someone please teach me how to love research??? GAAAAAAAWD.

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